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Senate Race

Continuing the Battle!  Help us bring sanity to Sacramento.  Vote Kenny for California State Senate!

Special Election:  March 12, 2013

Recycle – Reduce – Reuse

(We are reusing our signs, our message and our website!)

Kenny Shooting a Shotgun

Breaking News:

Kenny is the only Liberty Republican in the race.  He is pro-education, pro-business, pro-family, pro-constitution and is endorsed for State Senate District 32 by the American Independent Party.  Compare the candidates here.

Thank you all American Independents for your confidence in seeking us out to give Kenny your endorsement and support.

Click here to see our videos!

The Ballot Booklets have arrived. Kenny is the only candidate with an endorsement in the sample ballot!

Campaign update:

We have been out walking and meeting with people in our cities every day with great response. Our message is clear.

I, Kenny Coble, pledge to you that if elected I will:

  • Build a Non-Partisan Community Empowerment Program that will unite our cities, our schools, and our service clubs.
  • Bring projects and jobs to our region.
  • Work with every school to promote parent involvement and teacher support.
  • Establish an enhanced Career Training Program to develop the skills to bring better wages and salaries to our families.
  • I pledge that I will not leave this valley behind but that I will be devoted to Building a Better “909” for our families.


Hi there,

My name is Bob, and I am here today to ask you to vote for Kenny Coble for Assembly.

Kenny is a small business guy. He has run his own building contractor business for nearly thirty years. He has raised five kids through college. He presently chairs the Pomona Planning Commission. He knows how to do a budget, work with people and to GET THINGS DONE.

Let me tell you MY story about Kenny. I met him about 12 years ago when I pulled his name out of the yellow pages and hired him to put an addition on my house. After six months, the job was done on time, on budget, and we have been friends ever since.

I personally KNOW him to be a guy with integrity who keeps his word and does what he says he will do. We need more people like him in Sacramento.

Since September 15th, I have been “walking and knocking” on doors, sharing that little speech. We have banged on more than 6,000 doors and I have, I suppose, shared those words – or some variation of them – with more than a thousand people. At times, I have had to fight through tears to get them out, because I so love our country and our state, and I truthfully believe that  Kenny can be part of the SOLUTION. I am burdened by the realization that it can only happen if we convince about 40,000 people to VOTE FOR KENNY!

Ballots are arriving in the mail each day, and you are probably visiting us here to decide about your choice. As you look us over, try to look past the glitz and the smoke and mirrors. Examine histories, voting records and endorsements. Our District needs a change. California needs a change. This time, VOTE FOR KENNY!

Bob Ahrens is one of our volunteer campaign
workers. He is an ordained minister and served for 30 years as
the Director of Operations for YUGO Ministries, an international
missionary organization which works in the border areas of Mexico.

I endorse Kenny Coble for District 52 of the California State Assembly. I find his commitment and enthusiasm for our community to be a refreshing change from what we have seen in past days. He believes in family. He believes in doing right. I believe that he will be a faithful and energetic advocate for our city as he goes about his duties in Sacramento.

Eddie Banales
Community Activist and Pastor of the Pomona Dream Center

Kenny Coble will provide the strong leadership needed in Sacramento toward putting California back to work, back to school and back to having a future. He won’t forget local government and the need for the State to work with everyone in providing resources to keep our great State strong!

Acquanetta Warren
Mayor of Fontana

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly is pleased to endorse Kenny Coble for California Assembly District 52. Mr. Coble’s depth of understanding and sensitivity to hispanic issues well qualifies him for service in Sacramento.

See our many endorsements at http://www.KennyCoble.Com/endorsements

We are a good people. We live in a great area. We love “The 909”.
We can do this together and I ask for your vote so I can WORK for YOU!